woensdag 24 juli 2013

Selling by connecting

As the schoolyear is ending we look back at a very busy year where we have never participated in so many events as this year. RB Academy main focus is education and giving students all the opportunities possible to get involved in practical experience which enables them to ""flow"" easier into the cosmetic industry. This was the reason that we started participating in nonprofit events throughout the Netherlands but also abroad from Austria to the UK and to Belgium Our twice a year cycle to London and Paris visiting IMATS ( International Make-up Artist Tradeshow ) and Cosmetic and make-up training @ Galleries Lafayette training facilities broadens the mind and gives the opportunity to make new contacts, and get new ideas about make-upbrands and application.
Being a Make-up artist is not always GLAM , and this is the reason that we participated in the Miles for Justice Regatta 2013 where we hosted 120 woman in a Beauty Event and who's husbands where wounded in in several missions abroad. I teach each and every student to also develop communication skills,and be flexible in every situation which may occur.
I would like to take the opportunity to thank so many people and organisations this past year for having our Academy and providing the hair and make-up.
Gooisch Vocaal Ensemble Verzorgingshuis Patria /Stichting Nusantara Schoonheidssalon Beaute Hetty van Gemert LotusBeurs en opleidingen De Sijsjesberg Huizen Gooische Praktijkschool Miles for Justice Regatta 2013 Beautytrade Special thanks to Maquis Import. and many more... As times change rapidly consumers tend to want ""experience"" products rather than just buy them , this means giving more qualitytime to consumers , its a ""buyersmarket "'where every consumer actually sets the price... Consumers are more critical better informed due to internet and having onhand information. and yes we better anticipate on this change as old fashioned ways no longer apply to selling. Within the cosmeticindustry we still plus a 8% even in these e difficult times and it has yet always proven that in timecycles of crisis woman tend to use more make-up than in cycles where all is good and we make money, woman tend to emancipate more and dont need that much ""exposure"".
Even at IMATS this year there was no indication what so ever about a crisis, I spoke to so many foreign visitors queing up for cosmeticbrands and trainingpossibilities,the ATM was out if cash and could hardly handle the que... IMATS was normally held in the Alexandra Palace in january but this year the organisation moved to the Olympia in Kensington , apart from organising this In june I saw more visitors and a huge stage with latest audio visual technology so visual training could be provided for a very big audience.In the september issue of Beauty Wellness magazine I will go indept about all the new stuff I saw and techiques.
Apart from being creative and sitting on a "pink cloud"" selling is most important , I find that some of my students are excellent salespeople meaning they can sell themselves but also the products they use.... This is one of the reasons I integrated ""sales and marketing"" in all of my courses , one can be creative but it does not mean you could make a living of being just that. Selling yourself , radiating your passion and knowing your products are key issues if you want to be sucsessfull. You are the rolemodel and by explaining what you do you will sell automaticaly. This is the reason that most of my student comply with the demand requested by several Cosmetics Brands and ""flow"" into jobs.
Upcoming schoolyear I will also continue my ECO Make-up Artist course in cooperation with Maquis Import in Westervoort. We are Pioneers elevating ECO make-up in this special course which mainly Beauticians took the past 2 years. This new trend will continue to grow and Maquis Import has started distribution of ZAO Cosmetics from France in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg. quoting Lidewij Edelkoort a famous trendwatcher in the Netherlands I learned that a trend lasts aprox 50 years , we are at the end of the cycle and new visions and ideas will evolve the coming period.Woww i cant wait! Lets face it we had all the vintage, punk, rock and disco stuff its time for new stuff and ideas!
As I did not blog the past few months I should mention the Benelux Beauty Award organised by KONAD Benelux at Valkenburg. I was honoured to host this first Make-up Artist Competition in the south of the Netherlands. around 70 participants from Belgium and all over the Netherlands traveled to Valkenburg to compete in the different theme's. Nexed year will be even better and bigger!! Stay tuned for more information.
If you want to know more about our activities visit our facebook page. Wishing you all a wonderfull summer! Ralph

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