woensdag 12 maart 2014

Tradeshows, Trends and Training

I just decided to do this Blog in English due to fact that the past period foreign students contacted me for masterclasses and trainingsessions and I promised them I would also blog in English, The past period I was so busy with so many tradeshows I was to tired to BLOG and had little time to write. Still recovering from the " Huishoudbeurs" with more 220.000 visitors in the RAI in Amsterdam I was invited by KONAD BENELUX to do the Make-up at their Stand at this huge tradeshow in Amsterdam. Iam also still recovering from my Psorias which actualy "burned" me up the past period....but my passion for my job burns harder.
Accompanied by my lovely students ( Wendy Veens and Laleh Dina) I was also invited to do the " Beautylab" at the tradeshow in Gorinchem and Venray ( Vakbeurs uiterlijke verzorging) where I worked with several products from different companies meeting so many nice people during the training essions. What I see is that smaller Salons are eager to follow small and practical " handson" courses and classes to update themselves and get more involved in what hot and what not! I receive many questions about trends and how this will develop the coming period, which I share in all my sessions. Because of this I will also start training in Belgium from April on visting Ghent and Zonhoven.
In this respect I also visited the fashionshow done by Dani Bless at the world Fashion Center , I wrote a short article in the BeautyBizz last month and I was impressed about the show and itsguests at the World Fashion Today show, giving their insights in upcoming trends in retail and fashion. Our profession is related to fashion so seeing change means I can adapt to these changes and share these in my classes. Retailwise we will go to more "authentic" and buying "themewise" , the consumer wants these items put together in "stories" or storybooks ( example & other stories from H$M) , so lets see what that means for Beauty and makeup. It means more authentic pictures which are "real" and not fotoshopped endlessly so consumers recognize themselves in these "stories". I think ECO fits in perfectly here and thats why I made the change also using "pure" in my school.
During the ESTHETIKA 2014 I and some of my students will be at the stand of BeautyBizzmagazine hoping to meet new people, network and look and learn what happens in the market in Belgium ( and France) , I will be doing makeup sessions with Couleur Caramel and I hope to meet you there in person. For all you Dutch and foreign Makeups artists dont forget we have a fantastic Makeup contest the 13th of april in Valkenburg please visit the Benelux Beauty Award for more information.
Nexed blog I will commence in Dutch writing about my business and my experiences the past few years ( good and bad) hoping to help others and maybe clearing some of my karma. Wishing you all the best!

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