donderdag 24 april 2014

Business Yoga door Mirelle van den Anker

2 jaar geleden ontving ik voor mijn verjaardag het boek " Business Yoga" geschreven door Mirelle van den Anker, in de eerste instantie dacht ik dat ga ik niet doen ! Maar tijdens de vacantieperiode begon ik er toch in te lezen en zowaar na een aantal dagen was ik bezig met oefeningen. Nu na twee jaar praktiseer ik nog steeds de oefeningen , ik word daar rustiger van en het helpt me spanningen los te laten of stressmomenten die we allemaal natuurlijk kennen. Omdat ik echt heel erg positief ben over het boek heb ik Mirelle gevraagd of ik een stuk op mijn blog mocht zetten. Op school is dit boek al talloze malen uitgeleend aan studenten die na het lezen ook erg enthousiast waren geworden . Het zijn kleine en korte oefeningen die je helpen weer terug te komen in je centrum althans zo ervaar ik dat. Ik werk dan wel aan het uiterlijk maar verbinden ( de betekenis van Yoga = verbinding ) met het innerlijk is dus een hele mooie combinatie.
Mirelle geeft verschillende workshops ook aan groepen en bedrijven maar ook prive sessies. En via haar website die onderaan deze blog publiceer kun je ook abboneren op haar nieuwsbrief die als een zonnetje met enige regelmaat in mijn inbox verschijnt! Nou Mirelle ik wens je heel veel succes toe en bedankt voor dit mooie boek wat je geschreven hebt! IT HELPS!! Mirelle van de Anker
Business yoga online

zaterdag 19 april 2014

Sailing on the waves of Beauty

First of all Happy Easter to everybody! Its been a while since I had time to write and inspiration. This year I had so many tradeshows and events to attend that after the last one in Brussels I finally went ill. Beiing ill means spending some good time for introspection! Am I the only one thinking time goes faster? Its like there are less minutes in a day , I have the feeling Iam running out of time everyday , or is it because I have to much work? At the moment having a more observing role fits me better than being in the rollercoaster of daily life.
The past few weeks I visited Brussels during the Estetika Spring Fair together with BeautyBizz Magazine. I was in Brussels to promote my trainingsessions in Belgium . BeautyBizz is a online magazine in Belgium also covering the Netherlands , and this online magazine provides articles , novelties and information about the Beauty Industry. What I found the past 8 years is that Belgium is really taking off ,providing more and more E based information and that consumers are willing to pay for quality goods. And that they are also attracted by innovative products. This year many visitors from the French region visited Estetika.I still find Belgium woman very beautifull and dressed with the "French touch".Providing makeup at these tradeshows means "less is more" and working more classical than trendy. Sonarmedia which powers BeautyBizz has opened a popupstore in Antwerp for the coming months inviting numerous journalists presenting a new concept of marketing.
In the mean time we had several exams at school for our Perfume and Cosmetics Beauty advisors, I developed this training especially for students wanting to work at the "high end" Perfume and Cosmetics industry. This has grown the past year and now we work together with many cosmetic and perfume stores and brands throughout the Netherlands and with most stores at Schiphol International Airport. Our students are being provided intense makeup and fragance training for 3 months. We will also grow into the cruiseindustry the coming period so our students can work in SPA's and Wellness salons or dutyfree facilities onboard 5 star cruiseships. Well Beauty is everywhere so why not onboard a nice Cruiseship sailing beautifull places? I provide makeup training for flightattendants every year as well.
After Belgium which I will visit again in may during the Beauty Selection , the Benelux Beauty Award was organised in Valkenburg. After the kickoff last year more than 70 parcicipants joined to compete in Valkenburg, I visit IMATS every year in London and I really had that same feeling . The atmosphere was so relaxed and creative! This year the themes were: Multicultural Bride, Vintage 1920 and Showgirl. please look at the picures and decide for yourself . It was a colourfull burst of creativeness! Thank you KONAD, Marlou Reijnders , Loes Peeters, Mark Wells and Birgitta and Jeroen from Beauty Wellness Magazine for providing the Super Grand prize worth of € 5000.- for a publication in your magazine! That tops of this competition!
And for all you guys visiting Hardenberg at the Vakbeurs uiterlijke verzorging. I will again be demonstrating products during this tradeshow in may.