dinsdag 28 oktober 2014

THE POWER OF THE HEART ( by Baptiste de Pape)

As I normally only blog about my school and Beauty and have not done since a while, I had the feeling I needed to share this book with you which gives such helpfull insights especially if one is going through some rougher times like myself at the moment. I know God is guiding me even in these times and all lessons which are coming my way are there so I can learn . This book which accidently came my way and just " floated into my life" ( was it because I wanted it so much? and needed answers) gives me so much strenght and helpfull insights about gratitude, compassion and love, and the power of intentions. It speaks about our fears, overcoming problems and since I received it it helped me so much in first of all understanding myself more , by doing so my view of others and perspectives of whats out there changes. I have been reading some quotes and parts over and over and tonite I suddenly had this feeling I should share what was happening to me. My intention is one of sharing this feeling of gratitude I have for receiving the insights enabeling me to be grow and be a better person and also love others and myself more. May this book touch so many of you out there in the world ! If we are talking Beauty you cant get more near than this. Thank you so much Baptist de Pape for making this available , God bless you!
www.thepoweroftheheart.com PS I will soon restart blogging about Beauty Items!! Sincerely Ralph

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