maandag 3 november 2014

Savon de Bali , Beautifull products from Indonesia

The past few years I receive newsletters from Indonesia sent by Mr Ivan Lee. His company situated on Java (headquarters in Jakarta) only uses pure ecological products. The purity reflects in texture and smell but also in by the natural ingredients used. With the upcoming holidays like Christmas I thought writing about these products would inspire some beautyprofessionals here and abroad.
As Mr Lee wrote on his website: Our concept is to produce excellent Cosmetic Grade Personal Care Products that are manufactured using Traditional Methods with Personal Hand Craft Finishing and Natural Ingredients that are truly the Essence of Nature & Cultural Heritage of Indonesia. As most of you know I also use ECO products doing makeup and skincare and Iam always quite happy to "boost" products which are not well known here in Europe giving them attention through my Blog here.
Every product is mentioned on the website,explaining more detailed information about used ingredients and correct ways of using. I sincerely hope this will lead to increased sales contributing the local economy. If any of you want to contact Mr Ivan Lee for more information please do so by the website of: SavondeBali

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