zondag 8 maart 2015

Black hair, braiding, weaving and fusions by Juna Hilaire

Coming accros so many people the past few years there are always colourfull people making your day , one of those special people I met is Juna Hilaire from St Maarten. Juna completed her Fashion and Styling education in Miami and has been a Black hair specialist working at several salons for many years. She specializes in braiding hair, weaving and fusions and has been training many students in the US and in the Caribean. Since blackhair is utmost populair in Holland Juna gave me the opportunity to get a insight about what braiding hair is all about. I must say I was astonished about how fast she demonstrated this technique although the hair was thin or very thick and sometimes difficult to work with.
Being utmost creative and passionate about her work she creates different styles combined with colorfull aspects and believe me also men know the way to " Styles by Juna" . Depending on the style Juna works long hours with a excellent focus on the hair off the clients. The coming period Juna will "roadshow" in Holland giving several training and workshops , if you think you would like to know about braiding black hair? or if you are interested in a different style yourself you may contact Juna ,besides blackhair she is has enough experience with European customers and non blackhair as well . Juna will explain the different weaving, bonding and fusion techniques. For more information you may contact Juna: Facebook : Styles by Juna Website : Styles by Juna

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